Revelling in Rescued Parrots

Parrots Over Puerto Rico by Susan L Roth and Cindy TrumboreParrots Over Puerto Rico, winner of the 2014 Robert F. Sibert Medal, plunges readers into verdant forests where bright blue Puerto Rican parrots fluttered in ancient canopies for eons. This nonfiction picture book deftly tells the intertwined stories of the island’s history and of the birds’ near-extinction and subsequent recovery.

Known for her colorful collages, Susan Roth proves herself up to the challenge of creating vibrant, personality-filled images of the raucous flocks that once thronged the island that came to be called Puerto Rico. Using a pleasing range of textured paper and fabric and employing a vertical (rather than horizontal) layout, Roth depicts the lush natural environment filled with sierra palm trees, tiny tree frogs and crops of corn, yucca, and sweet potatoes.

Co-written with Cindy Trumbore, the book reveals the evolution of the island’s peoples and environment. The Tainos, who arrived around 800 CE, gave the parrots the name iguaca, echoing their harsh calls. In time, the Spanish came, as well as slaves brought from Africa. Predators such as black rats, thrashers, and swarms of honeybees invaded and attacked the parrots. By 1967, many forests had disappeared, and only 24 parrots lived in Puerto Rico.

Only a concerted effort by scientists, environmentalists, public officials, and citizens could save and protect the parrots. Scientists — and parrots — had to battle hurricanes, thunderstorms, wrecked buildings and trees. Thanks to decades of dedicated work, the parrots are still flying over their native isle.

Because of its somewhat detailed and abundant text, Parrots Over Puerto Rico lends itself best to one-on-one sharing or to independent reading by young nature lovers ages 8 to 10.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Janice Floyd Durante
    Sep 02, 2014 @ 14:10:05

    I agree, Douglas. It’s great to hear from you. I remember so well the fantastic presentation you gave when you visited Westtown’s Lower School library. The kids loved every minute of it!
    Congratulations on continuing to create fun poetry books for children.
    Thanks for writing, and I hope you’ll return to my blog.


  2. Douglas Florian
    Aug 31, 2014 @ 13:03:48

    This was my choice for the Caldecott. It did win the Sibert Medal and the art is extraordinary!


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