The Parakeet That Brought Them Together

“Suddenly David cried out, “Papa, look!” And he pointed to the window.
I looked up and saw something that seemed unbelievable. Outside on the windowsill stood a yellow-green bird watching the candles.”  Power of Light
With this unexpected event, the renowned Isaac Bashevis Singer shows how miracles can still brighten our dark, confused world. In “The Parakeet Named Dreidel,” one of the eight warm tales in The Power of Light: Eight Stories for Hanukkah, Singer invites us into the apartment of a family as they make room for a lost parakeet attracted by the light of their menorah.
The parakeet possesses charming, near-human traits: it speaks a selection of Yiddish words; it hops on the author’s fingers as he types his stories; it even pushes a dreidel — hence, the inspiration for the family’s name for the pet.
In another pleasing twist, the original owner of the parakeet eventually comes into the son David’s life, an occurrence that ushers in a lovely change, which I leave to you readers to discover for yourselves. This sparkling collection will make for cherished memories of family story times during Hanukkah or the winter.
While The Power of Light is, lamentably, out of print, you can still find good used copies (by clicking on the live link for the title, you’ll see what’s available at Alibris).

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